About Barry Waldman MD

Barry J. Waldman

Dr. Barry  Waldman is a world renowned orthopedic surgeon with over 17 years of experience.
He has developed an impressive career working with OrthoMaryland in Baltimore. Dr. Barry Waldman is the Director of the Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopaedics at Sinai Hospital. From 2009 to 2011, Waldman stood as the President of the Medical Staff at Sinai Hospital. Barry Waldman MD is also a Clinical Instructor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Dr. Barry Waldman received his Medical Doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1992. He then completed his General Surgery Internship and Orthopaedic Surgery residency training at the John Hopkins University Hospital. In 1997, upon completion of his residency, Dr. Waldman completed a Surgical Arthritis Service Fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The following year, he began his long and successful career with OrthoMaryland.

Dr. Barry Waldman specializes in care for the hip, knee, and shoulder. He has also been involved in developing minimally invasive hip and knee replacement systems. Additionally, he has supported advancements in personalized medicine in orthopedics, particularly through customized knee replacement.

Barry Waldman MD is known worldwide for his work in orthopedics. Over the years, he has published numerous papers related to hip and knee replacement along with other important topics related to his field. Waldman has also spent time traveling across the globe as a guest speaker at many international events in places such as Japan, Prague, Rome, Copenhagen, Mexico, and throughout the United States in Arizona, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, and more.

Dr. Barry Waldman, Orthopedic Surgeon

Barry Waldman MD is a member of the following professional organizations:


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